Tony Pape   OT   Michigan



Tony has been a very good player for his team. He has a lot of repetitions from a big time program and has been an excellent RT for that program. He’s been a good teammate and has good potential to be an NFL player. He has good mental toughness and fights his opponent on every play.


Needs to Improve

Tony is a very limited athlete. He is stiff in the hips and does not show very good quickness out of his stance. His feet need to be quicker.  He lunges and is off balance a lot. He needs a lot of work on his techniques.


Bottom Line

Tony should be moved in to the RG position. He doesn’t have the athletic talent to play a tackle position in the NFL. Toney gives great effort and is smart.  He will battle you to the end on every play and these attributes are enough in my book to draft him. He is an effort player and is limited to the type of offense that doesn’t use a lot of pulling and trapping. He is the type of player that will improve from experience, but what you see is what you get with Tony.


Drew Boylhart