Travelle Wharton†† OT/G†† So Carolina



Travelle has good size for an O-lineman. He has nice long arms and thatís a big help if you play OT in the NFL. He is quick out of his stance and has excellent balance and strength. Travelle has the athleticism to fire out against the LBís in the running game and does well against the bull rush in the passing game. He does a good job of picking up stunts and mirrors his man very well. He is a quality kid and will be a good teammate.


Needs to Improve

I am not convinced at this point that he has the lateral movement to be a top LT in the NFL. In the Senior Bowl, he had a lot of problems with the man-on-man blocking schemes, which made me go back to the films to re-evaluate him.


Bottom Line

Travelle has the perfect body type and talent to be a very good left guard in the NFL, but not a LT. His long arms will help him in the passing game and he has very good leg strength for the running game. He will take time to develop, but heís smart and seems like he wants to succeed. I think that Travelle will be able to play in just about any O-line blocking scheme you can throw at him because of his athleticism and long arms and intelligence. Travelle could also be a very good RT, but to be honest, I think you would be wasting his talent at that position. Left Guard in the NFL is a difficult position to play. Travelle strikes me as having the abilities to work that position for a long time and at a pro bowl level. He will need time to develop, but should be a first day pick and could surprise a lot of scouts and get on the field quicker than they might think because of his football instincts.


Drew Boylhart