Travis Laboy   DE/LB   Hawaii

Travis works very hard in the passing game. He is relentless with a good burst off the line and uses his hands well. He has the body type that can add weight without it affecting his speed and quickness.

Needs to improve
Travis is a bit of a workout warrior. That means that his strength may not be natural. This will affect his stamina in the 4th quarter of the big games. He does not do very well against the run. Attitude might be the reason for this.

Bottom Line
Travis is the workout warrior sleeper of this draft. He just might be able to sneak into the first round because this draft is light on pass rushers. I bet by the time the combines roll around, he bulks up to about 270 lbs from his normal 250 to 260 lbs. Don't get me wrong. Travis has talent, just not 1st round talent. He wants to be a 4-3 DE but he’s really a 3-4 LB. He has very good stats to go along with his workout numbers, so he is the poster boy this year for the last minute defensive player to fly up the charts. The so-called ‘hidden gem.’ On my board he is a Mike Vrabel type of guy. Not bad.  He will need to be in the right system with the right coach. This will be important in how successful he will be in the pros. I do not believe that he will ever have the natural strength to be successful as a DE in a 4-3 defense. I believe that Travis might work his way into the first round under the false belief that he is a DE. This will be a mistake and the start of the downfall of a pretty good player that establishes for himself expectations that he cannot live up to. Ring a bell?

Drew Boylhart