Travis Wilson   FB   Kansas St



Travis is, without a doubt, the most athletic FB in this draft. He has very good size for his position and could still get bigger without it affecting his speed or skills. He catches the ball very well, shows good lateral movement, is fluid when he blocks and blocks well in space. He can do it all.


Needs to Improve

Travis has documented off-field issues that could affect where he is drafted.


Bottom Line

Anybody remember John Riggins? Travis is his clone. He has almost the same talent and abilities and athleticism as Riggins and can be the same type of player if he would just stop trying to destroy himself. Remember, I do profiles from the point of view of a businessman. When I hired people to work for me, I tried to hire people who had respect for me and respect for themselves. I tried to hire people who showed a passion for the job and wanted to do the best that they could do. At this time, on my personal list, Travis is the top FB, but he is listed in red for STOP! DO NOT DRAFT!


Drew Boylhart