Trevor Johnson   DE/LB   Nebraska



Trevor is a hell of a football player. He has good speed, size and quickness. He also has linebacker skills to go along with his pass rushing skills and he is tough. He also has the most important attribute- he plays the game with heart, passion and a ‘search and destroy attitude’.


Needs to Improve

Somebody needs to find him. He is another player that has his face on a Milk Carton because nobody in the entire universe seems to have noticed him but me. I’m hanging out there with this one, baby, and I’m lovin’ every minute of it!


Bottom Line

Trevor has the talent to be a DE or a LB or - watch it now, this is going to shock you- a TE. Now, let’s put this all in perspective. Trevor is not a pretty looking athlete. There are others who are smoother, faster, taller and bigger -- but none that is significantly more talented. Trevor has excellent hands. He came up as a TE and if you have ever watched him catch a ball on the sidelines, you will see immediately the natural ability in this area. In any other draft, Trevor is a 1st day pick. In this draft, because there are so many DT’s and DE’s that are full size and some bigger than normal, he drops to the 2nd day. I would imagine that New England, Pittsburgh and other 3/4 teams would pick him up quick. To be honest, if you’re a smart team and you want a good defense in any kind of system, you should pick this kid up. He will not disappoint you.  He will become a core player that makes impact plays in big games. He just plays the game the way it should be played and if you’re smart, you will draft him and find a spot somewhere on the field to put him. Anyone who has ever put up sheetrock for a living knows how tough a job it is. It takes consistency, strength and determination. That’s why I call him Trevor (Sheetrock) Johnson.


Drew Boylhart