Triandos Luke   WR   Alabama



Triandos has very good speed and skills for his position. He is quick and fast with good hands and good leadership skills. This is a recipe for success in the NFL. He is tough and loves to go over the middle and catch the ball.  He will be an asset as a special teams player. Triandos will be a core player and a good teammate.


Needs to Improve

Triandos will have some problems getting off the line of scrimmage until he learns how to deal with the bump and run techniques that will be used against him in the NFL. He still has to learn a little bit about running routes. He will learn all that he needs to be successful.


Bottom Line

Triandos played college ball in a system that is set up for the running game and a QB that could not get him the ball. To his credit, he stayed with the program and became an important player for his team. He did not whine or change colleges or pout. He made the best of it. Triandos will help a team right away as a slot receiver/special teams player. There are so many WRís in this draft that he will drop to the 2nd day of the draft. He is mixed in with a block of players that will make the 2nd day of this draft a very good day filled with a lot of core players. The block of players that Iím talking about would normally be 1st day picks in any other draft. Thatís why I call him T-Luke from the block. The block of players that are getting overlooked.


Drew Boylhart