Troy Fleming   FB/RB   Tennessee



Troy has great running back skills. He knows how to set up blocks, runs with good lean, has good lateral movement in the hole, has good leg strength, has good vision, can catch the ball very well and knows how to block and pick up the blitzing LB. Troy is smart and will be an asset to the team that drafts him.


Needs to Improve

Troy needs to prove to all the scouts that he is an NFL running back and not a fullback. He needs to do this right away. Troy does not have breakaway speed. So what?!


Bottom Line

This kid is the sleeper RB of this draft. He just might wind up at the end of his career as the best RB from this draft. He is very strong with excellent leg strength. Year after year, this program continues to teach the skills that are needed to its RB’s that will make them successful in the NFL. You would think by now that some NFL team would give whomever is coaching these kids a job in the NFL. Troy has been playing as a fullback and has not been able to show his talents. He has not complained and has now added fullback skills to his running back skills and has become a complete back. He is the type of back that doesn’t jump out at you on film unless you watch him play after play and understand how efficient he is at his position. Troy knows how to play the game of football. Troy will be a core player for the team that drafts him and once he gets on the field, he will never come off. He has a quiet, but forceful way about him. He is sure of himself and when I see him on film, he reminds me a lot of Curtis Martin. He should be a first day pick, but he’s been under the radar. It will be interesting to me which team is smart enough to draft him in the first day. If Troy doesn’t get picked until the 4th or 5th round, I will be interested in watching his career to see what he does. I think he will be a big hit. Troy is like a Hit Man for the Mob. Nobody sees him coming, nobody sees him leave, but everybody knows he has been there. Troy (Hit Man) Fleming…the kid is deadly.


Drew Boylhart