Vince Wilfork†† DT†† Miami

Vince is very powerful and very quick. I like the way he uses his hands. For a DT, learning how to use your hands in the trenches is something that not many players come out of college with a degree in. Vince can play in a 1-gap or 2-gap system. This means that he is strong enough against the run and quick enough to be used as a pass rusher. He has good lateral movement. Vince's job is to take up space and let the LBís clean up. He gets double teamed all the time, which means that teams are game planning for him. That is very impressive.

Needs to Improve
Vince must control his weight.  If he does not it will affect his quickness, strength and stamina. The weight problem will also affect the amount of downs that Vince can play in a game. The weight problem will also affect the amount of tackles behind the line of scrimmage and the amount of sacks that Vince can get in a season. Vince also has short arms for his size. In college the running backs are not as strong and powerful as they are in the NFL. He must get stronger in his upper body and work on his tackling.  I know, I know, someone is going to say how much he bench presses. That helps, but when it comes to tackling Ricky Williams, you better have more then bench presses behind you. You better have technique. You better learn how to wrap up and drive with your legs. Arm tackling against college backs will work. Against the pros, itís not happening.

Bottom Line
Guys like Vince are worth everything to a team. On defense they are part of the strength that you need for a dominating defense. Vince is rated high because he can play in any system. Sometimes big guys like this have a tendency to be in a world of their own. When they are motivated they can dominate. I think it's like a learned reaction for these guys. They are told all their lives not to play too rough or they will hurt someone. If you can find a way to turn that mechanism off, then you will have one hell of a player. Guys who play this position normally get overlooked until the middle or late part of the first round. Vince could be the exception because he has pass rush skills to go along with his run skills. Some scouts might say he takes some downs off, I say he plays his responsibilities. Good grief the kid is 350 lbs, he is not going to run too many RBís down from behind and he knows it. That's just being smart. Stamina and the will to be the best will dictate if Vince will succeed. Vince is the only person who has control of those two elements. If he
controls them, then some team will have a Pro Bowl player.


Drew Boylhart