Will Allen   S   Ohio St

Will is a safety that is not afraid to tackle anyone. He is a good zone safety, but can cover a TE out of the backfield. He has good straight ahead speed. He is smart and plays his position and game plan well.

Needs to Improve
Will is a courageous tackler, but I would like to see him work on his technique. He needs to be more vocal as a leader on the field. He needs to intercept the ball more in the passing game. He has some problems with his change of direction skills.

Bottom Line
Will should be a solid pick for some team. He knows his responsibilities and he is a good team player. He is not an impact player and that will drop him into day two of the draft. He is a zone DB that will be good in a nickel/ dime situation. Will is a very good open field tackler and that should come in handy on special teams. He comes from a big program and has played all four years. Will might start for the right team in the right system, but he is limited to just that type of situation.

Drew Boylhart