Will Smith†† DE†† Ohio St

Will is a big, strong kid. I think the best part of Willís game lies in the strength of his hands. This is very unusual for a college DE. He is fast, quick and plays his position in the context of the scheme of his teamís needs. He is a team player. He is strong at the point of attack. Will holds leverage very well to allow his linebackers to fill and make the tackles in the running game. Will is a complete Defensive End in his knowledge of how to play his position and the physical techniques of his position.


Needs to Improve

Will needs to be aggressive on a consistent basis. He needs to play with more anger or frustration or something. All I know is that when Will plays with intensity, he is dominating. Now, donít get me wrong -- he does not take downs off. Itís just that I donít feel Will understands how good he is. I think he is a very humble kid. He might be a team player to a fault. Will must understand how talented he is and learn to take control of the game when it is needed without direction from his coaches.


Bottom Line
The first time I noticed Will was in the Ohio St. bowl game last year. He was dominating.  I couldnít stop wondering why I hadnít noticed him before? I checked for an injury and found none. So, why? After the game there was a quote from one of the Ohio St. coaches who felt the same way that I did. This kid is the poster boy for the typical Defensive End. The problem is that until that bowl game, the only place you could find his face was on a milk carton. (Have you seen this Defensive End? If so, please contact yada, yada, yada.)† †As I watched Will this year, I realized that he played the game with ease. He plays the game exactly to the game plan. If you tell him you need him to stop the run, he does it. If you tell him you need five sacks from him, he does it. He sets no goals for himself; therefore, he has no limits. If you want Will Smith to get you a sack during the game at a specific time, then you had better walk your ass over to him and tell him that. Without direction, Will will flounder.He does not want to be blamed for some big play during the game that happened because he did not follow his assignment. He does not want to be ridiculed in front of his teammates and he does not want his teammates to think that he let them down. A defensive end that plays the game with ease, is humble, follows coach's instructions to a tee and is a defensive tackleís dream to have as his wingman. Will does not leave his teammates or the game plan without direct orders from his coach. Will should go to the combine and impress a lot of people. If they let him loose in the bowl game, he might move himself up in this draft. He is a top 10 pick that will fall to the middle of the round unless some team actually understands what they see on the film. Will does not take the game into his own hands unless he is asked to do so. If he did, he would be without a doubt a top 10 pick. I call him Will (Wingman) Smith.

Drew Boylhart