Zach Abron RB Missouri



Zach is a very strong powerful runner with good running back skills. He knows how to set up blocks and has a good burst through the whole. He has very good hands out of the backfield. He runs with his pads low and can break tackles. Zach is very smart and when I watch him on the field, you can just see his mind working all the time. He has excellent vision and is quick to pick up a blitzing LB. He has excellent balance and believe me, you do not arm tackle this kid -- he will get rid of you like a bad habit.


Need to Improve

Zach will have problems turning the corner at the next level, but he has great cutback instincts and burst to compensate for his lack of speed. My biggest concern is his lateral movement. Im not worried about it so much in the running game, but it could be a concern in the blocking game when he tries to pick up faster and stronger blitzing LBs.


Bottom Line

Zach is 59 230 lbs and runs about a 4.60 to a 4.70 in the forty. Just about the same size except for his height, as Maurice Clarett. Zach has played four years of college ball and his senior year stats are 5.1 yds a carry- 1,018 rushing yds- 13 TDs- 6.8 yds per reception- 171 receiving yds. In the bowl game against Arkansas, he averaged 7.2 yds a carry for a total of 137 yds and scored a TD. He shows leadership qualities, has played a full four years of college ball and is a bull to tackle. Zach has running skills that are equal to M. Clarett, in every way. There is no more potential for Maurice to be any better of a RB in the NFL than Zach. The competition is equal and the skills are equal. Why would I want to spend my money on a back like Maurice when there are at least 10 RBs in this draft that are equal if not better then M. Clarett? Zach (the Hammer) Abron is one of them. He is a sleeper, but not any more. He should be a good 2nd day pick because of height and questionable lateral movement, but he will be a heck of a back. He reminds me of a back along time ago that played for the N.Y. Giants - Joe Morrison. You youngins can look that one up for yourselves and you will find one hell of an RB.


Drew Boylhart