by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
December 2004
Aaron Rodgers   QB   California

Aaron is very quick in his set up and release. He has a strong arm and can make all the needed throws for the next level. He has good accuracy in all his passes and is very accurate on his deep passes. Aaron is athletic with quick feet and quick decision-making abilities. He is an excellent athlete. Aaron, because of his athleticism, strong arm and slight frame, is the perfect type of QB to run a west coast offense. He is an excellent leader and makes the players around him better. He is a franchise player. You build your team around this kid and you donít look back.

Needs to Improve

Aaron has a very slight frame and although he is very strong, his slight frame will leave him susceptible to injuries. Thatís why I think he should be in an offense that gets the ball out of his hands quickly with roll outs, moving pockets, etc.

Talent Board Round  1

Aaron is a franchise QB. IMO, he would fit the West Coast offense perfect. He has the strong arm, good accuracy, quick delivery and the mental toughness to run that style of offense. He can make any throw and make them all with accuracy and velocity. He is a good leader and has the respect needed in the huddle to get everybody on the same page when things are going wrong. Donít get me wrongÖAaron can run any kind of offense you want him too, but Bill Walsh must be drooling when he sees this kid play. If both Matt Leinart and Aaron Rodgers come out, San Francisco will have a hard decision to make along with the possibility of choosing to stay with Tim Rattay. Remember, the 49erís have deep cap problems. The likeliness of them trading out of the #1 or#2 spot to save more cap money has to be an option. This should make this as interesting as last yearís draft. Let the politics begin.