by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
January 2005
Abraham Elimimian   CB   Hawaii

Abraham has good size and strength for his position. He has very good speed and excellent quickness. He loves a challenge and every time I have seen him challenged by a good WR, he has literally shut them down. He is excellent in bump and run and zone defenses. He shows leadership qualities and makes the players around him better. He has one of the quickest hip-flips of any of the CBís coming out this year and very good techniques. I really think that this kid is something special. He is the next best thing to the discovery of the eraser.

Needs to Improve

Like the eraser, he is not being noticed until he is needed. Also, will he like playing in a place like the frozen tundra? How do you leave a place like Hawaii?

Talent Board Round  3

Either Iím crazy or this kid is one of the better cover corners that I have seen in a draft. Now that youíve all decided that I am crazy, you too will miss this kidís talent to shut down the best receivers in college all year long. He will not be intimidated nor will he be out-muscled when defending the pass. He is a good tackler and is not afraid when defending against a sweep. Now watch my lips and watch them closely - Abraham has 1st round talent. Where Abraham is drafted will be very interesting to me. ESPN has a problem with noticing that there is a serious team in Hawaii for some unknown reason. It seems very strange to me that a natural shutdown corner would go unnoticed in any draft, but it seems that itís happening in this one!