by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
January 2005
Adam Jones   CB   West Virginia

Adam has good athleticism, speed, quickness and size for his position. He does very well in zone coverage. He shows good hands and handles kickoffs and punt returns for his team. Adam shows good potential to be a solid CB at the next level with special team skills that will help to keep him in the lineup for the team that drafts him.


Needs to Improve

Adam has a lot to learn for the next level. He lacks good techniques in coverage and possesses only marginal bump and run abilities. He has good recovery speed, but that wonít help him at the next level when he gets beat. He is not a good tackler. He tackles high and does not have good upper body strength to bring players down by himself. Iím also not convinced he does well with authority figures.


Talent Board Round  1

I donít know what agent has convinced Chris Henry and Adam Jones to come out early, but they are both in for a big surprise. Both players have a long way to go before they are even close to competing as every down players in the NFL. Can Adam help on special teams as he learns the CB position as he did in college? Iím not convinced that he has unusual speed or quickness and I donít see that he understands how to set up a wedge to his benefit nor do I see unusual quickness that can make the first man miss on punt returns.  Adam does have good athleticism for college, but plays mostly in a zone defense so anyone that thinks that he can handle the top WRís in the NFL is just kidding himself. Adam, if you think going man to man against Chris Henry in practice and doing well is a way to measure yourself for the next level, that just shows me your lack of maturity. Adam has potential, but for me, not first round potential. He plays mostly zone defense, he shows no consistency in his techniques, he doesnít tackle very well and his maturity level of understanding his own limitations leaves a lot to be desired. He is a boom or bust player with a big KABOOM just waiting to go off.