by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
February 2005
Adam Snyder   OG   Oregon

Adam is an excellent guard who has played some OT. He is very smart and his techniques are excellent. He shows real leadership qualities and makes the players around him better. Adam shows excellent pass blocking skills and run blocking skills. He can be used in a pull-trap system because he is smart. He is a complete O- lineman and should be able to help a team right away.


Needs to Improve

He lacks the foot speed to get to the next level and block LBís, but you guys should know by now what I think about that.  Thatís right, COACH BETTER!


Talent Board Round  4

Adam is maybe the most complete guard in this draft. He has already learned to compensate for his limitations with his brains. He has excellent mental toughness and it would not surprise me to see some teams work him out at the center position because of Adamís excellent lateral movement. Adam is the type of player that might fall through the cracks because he plays for a college team that is not on the TV in the northeast that much and he plays the guard position. Believe me, if you draft him, he will be your left or right guard for next ten years and pull your team out of a hole by being able to play tackle when injuries happen. A plus to all of this might be that he could play center in a pinch.