by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
December 2004

Adam Terry   OT   Syracuse


Adam is a Left Tackle that has excellent size and athletic abilities for his position. He does a very good job in pass protection and a better job blocking in the run game. Adam has first round talent because of his athletic abilities, his leadership qualities and his mental toughness. He will be a core player for the team that drafts him.

Needs to Improve

Adam needs to work on his pass blocking techniques. He is a little stiff and he tightens up and lacks quickness in his set up. This is not a big problem.

Talent Board Round  2

When I watch Adam on film, I am surprised at his zeal to block for the run. In pass protection, he seems to tighten up and is not as fluid. This kid is big with long arms and good feet and very good balance. I donít think I have seen a better left tackle that blocks in the running game. He is fluid and has good feet and balance and really likes to pull for a sweep and does a very good job blocking in space for a screen pass. In pass protection, he is not as quick when he takes his first lateral step and it looks to me like he lacks confidence in this part of his game for some reason. I really feel that Adam just needs to learn better techniques for pass protection and to be honest, with his athletic ability, it should not be a problem. Adam has real good mental toughness and a bit of an edge to his game. He takes pride in his blocking and I have a feeling that a cold weather team with a strong running game is going to pick this kid the first day and get themselves a left tackle that will be a Pro Bowl player for a long time. Adam has 1st round talent. but because he is not as good in pass protection right now, he might drop; but donít worry, he will be a good pass protector in a few years and he will always be excellent in the run blocking.