by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
November 2004
Alex Barron   OT   Florida St

Alex has excellent size and athletic ability for his position. He has good lateral movement and nice long arms to go along with his massive size. He has a real solid base in the passing game with good hand movement. Alex’s style of play reminds me a lot of Jonathan Ogden of the Baltimore Ravens.

Needs to Improve

Alex could be a better blocker in the running game, but to be honest, I want my LT to be stronger in the passing game than in the running game.

Talent Board Round  1

For a pass rusher to try and get around Alex on a pass rush would be like trying to get around town with your girlfriend and hope your wife doesn’t find out. It just ain’t going to happen! Alex has very good lateral movement to go along with good balance and long arms. That is the formula for an offensive left tackle in the NFL. Alex has some problems in the running game because he is a little stiff in the hips and, of course, he needs to bend at the knees- but that is just not going to happen. He does need to get stronger in his upper body and when he does, it will help him to block in the running game and passing game. Alex is very smooth in his movements and has very little wasted movement. He uses good technique and what I like the best about him is that he has faith in his techniques. By that I mean when he starts to lose his man, he does not panic and lunge and then get off balance. He stays with his angle, keeps his balance, uses his hands then re-sets and waits for the attacker to come back to the path of attack. He is very patient and that is impressive for a young lineman. I’m nicknaming Alex ‘Old Faithful’ because a QB will always be able to count on Alex to protect his blind side.