by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
November 2004
Alex Smith   TE   Stanford

Alex is a big, strong kid who has good hands. He is smart and runs good routes. On third down, you can depend on Alex getting out into his route and catching the ball. Alex has very good run after the catch ability and he has potential to be an excellent pass catching TE in the NFL- especially in the red zone.

Needs to Improve

Alex doesnít like to block. Alex doesnít want to block. Alex will not block even if his mama is running the ball and she needs a yard to score a touchdown.

Talent Board Round  1

If somebody were going to try to tell you that Alex can improve as a blocker when he gets in the NFL, then that somebody would be pulling your appendage. It is not going to happen! What I see on the film (in this playerís body language) is a player that feels there is no money in being an inline blocking TE and he may be right. The NFL does not reward good blocking TEís with big money contracts. Alex is a tough kid. He shows it when he catches the ball and turns to run. He runs hard and without care to himself. Now look closely and watch my lips, Alex does not want to be an inline blocking Tight End. I canít say it any plainer than that! To be the player that Alex would like to be, he must watch film on how Shannon Sharpe played football. Now Shannon was not much of an inline blocker either, but he was a good finesse blocker.  Alex can be the same type of TE, but he has to work harder and he has to get with a coach that will use him like Sharpe was used. Alex must run better routes and become quicker in and out of his breaks and must become a better teammate. I think he can do it. Hey Denver, need a Tight End?