by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
March 2005
Alfred Fincher   LB   Connecticut

Alfred has the athletic abilities to play all three LB positions. He has good size and speed for his position and shows a good a burst to the ball. Alfred has excellent leadership qualities that even showed in the Senior Bowl when, during the game, he was giving direction to other players on his team. He is a good tackler and does an excellent job when asked to engage an O-lineman, then shed and make the tackle. Alfred can be used in any type of defensive system. This kid is the real deal. He can stop the run and stay with the LB in the passing game.


Needs to Improve

If Alfred had played for a bigger college, he would be a first round draft pick.


Talent Board Round  3

There are two true MLBís with pro size in this draft and Alfred is one of them. Lance Mitchell of Oklahoma is the other one.  Right now, Alfred shows more speed and burst; however, before Lanceís knee injury, these two kids were like clones of each other. Both can play in any defensive system and both can play all three LB positions. Alfred can play with the big boys, which he proved at the Senior Bowl and in his workouts. Pass over this kid and you are making a big mistake. He has first round talent and first round leadership qualities; the size of his college should not deter anyone from drafting him. If you can consider a QB from this team as a possible first rounder, then you sure as heck should not be afraid to consider Alfred as a 1st rounder also. Of course, we all know that the politics of the draft will not allow this to happen. Alfred will be taken earlier than most people think he will be, so donít be surprised. A 1st day pick and you can bet the farm on it. Just donít complain to me if you lose it.