by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
March 2005
Alvin Pearman   RB   Virginia

Alvin is a very smart RB that knows how to set up his blocks and shows very good overall RB skills. He is a tough kid that can play more than one position and shows leadership qualities through his outstanding play. He shows excellent hands to catch the ball out of the backfield and down the field like a WR also. He runs tough between the tackles and runs routes as good as any WR in this draft. Alvin has the potential to be an impact player at the next level. He is a match up nightmare.


Needs to Improve

Alvin is not as quick as you would like him to be, but he is coming off a knee injury so this might improve.


Talent Board Round  3

I just canít help think that a kid like this is perfect for the Coltsí style of offense. You can use him as a slot receiver and a RB as well as put him out wide on some plays because he is so good at catching the ball down field. He has the same talents as a Brian Westbrook and I just think that he could be used in the very same way as Brian is used. Because of his size, he is not a 20 to 25 carries a game type of RB.  However, between running the ball and catching the ball, he is a 100yds combined per game type of back and that is a big asset to any team in the NFL. Because of his lack of quickness in his workouts and size, Alvin might not be taken until the second day of the draft, but he will be an impact player for the team that drafts him. He is just too talented and smart not to be.