by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
February 2005
Andre Maddox   S   North Carolina St

Andre has good size and decent speed for his position. He has a good burst to the ball and is very smart. He is a good tackler and looks to be a good teammate. He has been used as a Rover type of player, so Andre hasnít really developed the skills for just one position, but he is a very good tackler. 


Needs to Improve

Like I said, he has not developed the skills at just one position.


Talent Board Round  5
On the second day of the draft, you look for developmental players that can get on the field and help right away while they are learning a position. Andre is just that type of player that can help in nickel/dime situations and special teams. When I see him on the field with his burst and tackling abilities, I feel that this kid just needs to find a position and he could be a hell of a player. Iím not sure if his position is SS or FS, but I feel he plays bigger than he is.  Although he lacks speed in his forty, he plays much faster on the field when he is after someone to tackle them. Second day of the draft, you just might find a hell of a player that might work his way into a starting position for the team that drafts him.