by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
November 2004
Andrew Walter   QB   Arizona St
Andrew has a very strong arm and can make all the throws needed to be an NFL QB. He is a classic drop back passer with a quick set up and delivery. He has very good mental toughness and shows good leadership qualities. He can, at times, roll out of the pocket and deliver the ball with accuracy. Andrew wants to win. It shows on film and he is having a good time doing it this year.
Needs to Improve
On film I see a lack of patience in his play - not this year so much, but in the past. My concern is how well Andrew handles failure in his play and his team’s play. He must learn to be patient. He has made very good strides this year in that area with the help of some excellent coaching.
Talent Board Round  1
I know that Andrew has very good potential to be a franchise QB in the NFL, but he will have to do it without the help of his College coach. This might be a problem at first. Andrew really loves being a QB. His passion for the position comes through in buckets on film. His passion can be a positive and at the same time, a negative. I am not talking about another Ryan Leaf situation, far from it. I am talking about a situation where he expects so much that he could be a hard fit for his teammates to take and this could cause problems in the locker room.  It looks to me like the coach for his college team this year simplified Andrew’s reads in the offense so he had a little more time to make decisions in the passing game. This allowed Andrew to be a little more patient and use his arm strength to make a play rather than his decision-making. This has made Andrew relax a little and not put so much pressure on his teammates to be perfect in the routes. The toss up between Andrew Walter and Kyle Orton for me is that Andrew is a little bit more of a system QB. He fits a play-action vertical system offense. Kyle can do it all. Kyle can run a west coast offense or vertical - play action offense. Kyle plays with a twinkle in his eye and a sneer on his face and Andrew plays with just the sneer. I call him Andrew (Bucket) Walter because he has buckets of passion to be a franchise NFL QB.