by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
March 2005

Anthony Bryant   DT   Alabama


Anthony is one massive human being. He has excellent talent for his position along with quickness and good lateral movement. He has very long arms and when he gets them around you, there is no doubt about it, you are going down. He is very strong with a good burst off the line. He could be one of the best 2-gap linemen in the game, but he isnít.


Needs to Improve

Anthony has three major problems: no heart, too much weight and pure laziness.


Talent Board Round  4

Another player that has the talent to dominate at the college level and just doesnít feel like it. The only reason he even wants to play football is because if he didnít, he wouldnít be able to afford to eat. There is no excuse for a kid with this much talent. He could easily be a first round pick, but as far as Iím concerned, he is a no round pick. I have seen him move on one play as athletically as any lineman in this draft and then for the rest of the game, he just stands there on the field looking around. If any of you have kids, remember when you first played hide and seek with your child and your child thought that all they had to do was cover their eyes and you couldnít see them. You remember how you had to tell the child that they actually had to go hide someplace, that they just couldnít cover their own eyes and think that they were invisible! I think that Anthony thinks that if he doesnít move when the play starts, that no one will notice him and he wonít be found out. Guess what Anthony, I SEE YOU! I just wish I hadnít.