by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
November 2004
Anthony Davis   RB   Wisconsin

Anthony is a small, but powerful running back. He has good RB skills. He has good vision and does a good job running between the tackles. He shows good leadership qualities and looks to be a very good teammate. Anthony is a quality person and represents his school very well.

Needs to Improve

Injuries, injuries, injuries.  This is the main concern when drafting a player of this size. Among other concerns are speed, hands and the ability to block a 6í3Ē, 245-lb blitzing linebacker to protect a franchise QB.

Talent Board Round  7

I do not see Anthony having the impact in the NFL for the team that drafts him like he has had for his college team. I question his speed to turn the corner at the next level on a sweep. I question his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. I question his ability to block in the passing game.  You see, even if you think he could be a third down back, there are some big question marks. Anthony will have to learn a lot of different skills at the next level to compete for a position. I guess special teams are always a place that he might be able to compete for a spot because he could break some tackles, but he still lacks the speed to break the long one. Before you get the wrong idea, I donít consider his height or his heart to be a concern.  I consider his overall talent level and injuries as the main concern. So if Anthony can stay on the field and improve in all the other areas that I mention, then he can help a team at the next level. I do think it is a long shot, but donít we all love long shots? Thatís why I call him Ant.