by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
November 2004
Anttaj Hawthorne   DT   Ohio St

Anttaj is an excellent DT. He has good strength and size for his position and is very smart. He looks to me on film like a natural 1-gap DT that has made himself into a good 2-gap DT. He is very dominant in the passing game and fits a front four scheme like your favorite pair of gloves fit your hands. I do feel that Anttaj has the ability to be a DE in a three-four defense, but he is a natural disrupter in a front four defense and a good run stuffer.

Needs to Improve

He needs to go to the right team in this draft and play right away. He will have some problems in the run game when he is double teamed, but so what?!

Talent Board Round  1

Anttaj is one of the few quality DTís in this draft. He is a natural pass rusher that works very hard in stuffing the run. He gives you everything he has and if used correctly in a defensive scheme, he will be a pro-bowl D-Lineman. He is a leader and is very smart. Coaches, do yourself a favor when you draft him. Donít put him directly on the center all game long and think that he will dominate that center. He wonít; but it will not be from a lack of effort on his part. Anttaj will struggle in that style of defense because of his body type. So be smart and put him in a defense that will let him flow to the play. Match him up with a big-bodied DT that will take on a double team and allow Anttaj to wreak havoc in the opponentís backfield. Trust me, you wonít regret it.