by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
February 2005
Atiyyah Ellison   DT   Missouri

Atiyyah is a good DT. He has good size and strength and shows very good quickness off the snap. He is a good 2-gap DT with 1-gap potential. Atiyyah has been a leader for his teammates and plays with great pride. He loves to do all the grunt work on the line and doesn’t required the notice of the fans, just his teammates and coaches.


Needs to Improve

Atiyyah has to learn better leverage and the overall techniques of his position. He also has to do something about his legs. They have to get bigger and stronger for him to succeed at the next level.


Talent Board Round  3
Atiyyah plays and looks like SpongeBob Square Pants. He does an excellent job at absorbing O-linemen and causing all sorts of problems in the run game and he also has the Sponge Man’s legs. Atiyyah’s skinny and the lack of strength in his legs will not allow him to be as strong against the run as he has been in college. He also has to learn to use his hands better and he will have difficulty if he doesn’t understand that at the next level, leverage is everything. This kid, because of his quickness and size, has excellent developmental potential to be a 1-gap/2-gap DT. But if he cannot get bigger in the legs, he will be a marginal player that you keep on your team because you think his brother (Sponge Bob) is a really cool guy to watch on TV