by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
January 2005
Barrett Ruud   LB   Nebraska

Barrett is the leading tackler in Nebraska history. He has been a very good LB for his college team. He looks to be a very nice kid. He has strong legs and is a good tackler. Barrett knows his responsibilities and is very smart.

Needs to Improve

Barrett is not very strong in his upper body and he lacks pro level speed. He doesnít show very much of a burst to the ball. He doesnít show leadership skills nor make the players around him better. He also doesnít look anywhere near 240 lbs on film and does not look like he could get bigger.

Talent Board Round  4

I have been dreading doing this profile because everyone talks so highly of Barrett as a LB. I just do not see Barrett being successful at the next level. He is over matched by tight ends in the passing game and does not tackle players with authority. He struggles to take players to the ground and tries to run around blocks rather them meet them in stuffing the run. He does not shed very well and in the passing game, is not fast enough in his back pedal to effectively drop back in zone coverage. In short, he doesnít show the speed, quickness, strength and mental toughness to play the LB position at the next level. Maybe he will go to the combine and prove me wrong. Maybe it was the coaching or the scheme that he was in. Looking at film of Barrett over and over, I donít see why he is being considered a 1st round or even a 1st day draft pick, but I have been wrong before and maybe I am wrong now. Nah! I donít think so.