by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
February 2005
Ben Dougherty   QB   Florida A&M

Ben has good size and athleticism for his position. He has a good to average arm, but throws with good accuracy and a nice tight spiral. He is very smart and it looks to me on film that he is calling some of his own plays. Ben has excellent mental toughness. I have seen him take a hit right in the chops and get right back up and on the next play, not rush himself to get the ball off. This kid has some good long range potential and should be able to challenge for a starting position in the NFL in a few years.


Needs to Improve

Ben doesnít have that real good arm strength. I would say that it is equal to Peyton Manningís arm strength. Thatís not bad, but really cold weather teams might shy away from him unless they have good running games. Of course, we all know that most of them do, so I would look for Ben in the second day to be picked by just about anyone.


Talent Board Round  1

I like this kid a lot. He has that Manning / Brady kind of way about his game. He knows how to play with his limitations and doesnít put himself in a situation where he has to do more than he is capable of. Some attention to his mechanics and learning to throw more on rhythm will improve this kidís arm a lot. Add to that his abilities to read defenses, his mental toughness and leadership qualities and you have yourself a sleeper QB. Watch for this kid and donít forget him. Look for a team with a young QB to take him for a back up and eventual starter. He is the type of kid that as a backup will improve and not just sit around and collect a paycheck. This kid has a lot of good potential to challenge for a starting position in a few years.