by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
December 2004
Ben Wilkerson   OC   LSU

Ben is a very smart, athletic center. He has excellent quickness and balance. He knows his position and plays his position through the eyes of his QB and offensive coordinator. He uses his hands very well and might be the quickest of all the centers in this draft in his snap and move techniques. He uses very good leverage and sound techniques in dominating at the college level.

Needs to Improve

Ben has some serious medical problems and they may not end with his knee injury. I believe he has had some back problems as well.

Talent Board Round  4

I couldnít figure out why Ben did not get bigger and stronger through the years because this, and a lack of foot speed, are his biggest negatives. Reportedly, his past medical condition made getting bigger and stronger very difficult. I am not convinced that Ben will be as impactful at the next level unless he can start to workout big time. Ben is not a physical center anyway because of his medical problems and body type. I believe that Benís back surgeries and now his knee injury will make it very difficult for him to be picked in this draft unless he can work out before the draft and convince the scouts and GMís that he is on his way to better health. Even if Ben does this, I think he is very limited to a certain style of offense and this would only make him attractive to a few teams which limits his potential to be picked high in the draft as well. If Ben can work out and get stronger, he could be an excellent center, even a pro bowl center; however, right now, I have my doubts that this will happen. As a business man, Iíll wait a few years to see if Ben can overcome his problems and if he does, I pick him up in free agency in four or five years. Thatís just me. Iím sure that with 32 teams in 7 rounds, someone will think differently.  I would think it would happen the 2nd day of this draft.