by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
December 2004
Bill Swancutt   DE   Oregon St

Bill is an excellent athlete. He has very good speed and quickness to rush the passer. He is a very good tackler and has good change of direction abilities. He shows leadership qualities and makes the players around him better. Bill uses his hands very well and has a great burst just before he hits and tackles. This kid fits the mold of a player that will do everything to get better and better at his craft year after year.

Needs to Improve

Bill will need to put on a little more bulk to handle the point of attack and believe me, heíll do it.

Talent Board Round  2

Let me introduce you to Bill Swancutt -- a real football player. He does so much more for his team than stats can ever measure. Bill is a sure pick in this draft. He is smart, athletic and has good character plus -- shock of all shocks -- he can tackle. Donít believe that this kid is an overachiever, he is just an achiever. He just makes tackles all over the field and if he is not making a tackle, you can be sure he is disrupting the play so that others can make the tackle. You must account for this kid on every single play. Even if you run right at him, you had better make sure you block him and donít make a mistake doing it. This kid is so tough that you could pluck one of his whiskers and nail it into a board. The scouts are going to say he is a little undersized and yada, yada, yada, but Bill has 1st round talent. Because he is a little undersized by NFL standards he will be a 1st day pick. Let me just say this, if you need a real football player on your team, then you will draft this kid. No questions asked.