by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
March 2005

Brady Poppinga   OLB/DE   BYU


Brady has good size and speed for the OLB position. He has good lateral movement and decent change of direction abilities. He shows leadership qualities and is a very smart player. He is a wrap-up tackler and has good flexibility, speed and burst to be used in pass defense. He looks to be a quality kid that has the respect of his teammates.


Needs to Improve

Put this kid in a three-point stance and he is nothing like I just profiled. He is slow and nowhere near strong enough and just doesn’t seem to be the same player at all. He is a strong side LB and the team that drafts him should know that now. Brady needs to get a lot stronger in his upper body or he will not make a camp.


Talent Board Round  4
Brady has excellent potential at the OLB position, but he has to get a lot stronger. He is a long-term project at the OLB position with a lot of upside and the potential to be a core player and a leader for your team. I like this kid because he improved greatly from the beginning to the end of the year in every game. If he were stronger and had been at the OLB position more than just one year, he would have been a first day pick. Excellent second day pick.