by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
January 2005
Brandon Jacobs   RB   So Illinois

Brandon is a big, powerful back with excellent speed, burst and lateral movement. He breaks tackles, but still has that little wiggle and burst that makes him very dangerous in the open field. He has excellent quickness and keeps his speed when cutting and changing direction. Brandon has the athletic ability to be something special at the next level. The first time I saw him he reminded me of John Riggins --he has that type of talent.

Needs to Improve

Well, he doesnít have great hands, but has the talent to get better and he has to learn to pick up the blitz and block better.  However, I have no doubt that he will do all of this given the time. He also is the type of kid that feels the need to be part of a family-like situation. If you deal with him in a cold way, you get the same reaction back.

Talent Board Round  2

This kid is a big kid and is very fast and quick. He has unusual athletic talent for his size. Brandon shows excellent cutting ability, vision in the hole and quickness to the line. He understands how and when to change gears and has more than enough speed to turn the corner. There is no way a CB handles this kid once he turns the corner.  When Brandon runs a sweep around a CBís end, it must be like a nightmare.  If he sweeps more than once around his side, itís like a recurring nightmare. The first time I saw Brandon was when he played for Auburn. He was stuck behind two pretty good backs so he decided to go to another school to get on the field and play. To his credit, he still shared time with another back, but when he was on the field, he dominated play. Brandon is a sleeper pick for some lucky team that drafts him. He will be a fan favorite, a core player and in the near future a Pro Bowl RB. Make sure you take him on your fantasy team because he will be used around the goal line for sure. Brandon (Nightmare) JacobsÖremember it, because he will be something special.