by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
November 2004
Braylon Edwards   WR   Michigan

Braylon has good size and speed for his position. He has quickness and a burst that could help him in the return game at the next level. He has very soft hands and will pick the ball off in a crowd. Braylon wants to be the top dog on the field which is important for him to be a success at the NFL level.

Needs to Improve

Letís seeÖwhere should I start? Braylon is not consistent in his route running, in catching the ball or in his effort on every play. In conclusion, he takes downs off and gives away plays by tipping his opponents off when the play is to him and when itís not to him.

Talent Board Round  1

Iím not convinced the squirrels in this kidís head are all running in the same direction. This kid doesnít work hard on the field unless he wants to. He has plenty of talent, but his energy level on every play is a big question mark. He is playing with more consistency and with a better over all effort this year, but Iím not convinced that the effort is something you will be able to count on in the future. He does not know this right now, but he will have to learn how to run routes because he does not change speeds very well and does not use his quickness in and out of his breaks. Right now, Braylon lulls the DBís to sleep by not doing anything for a while and then they call his number and he blows by them because they forget how fast he is. That crap is not going to work in the NFL. This kid is your typical ĎIím too sexy for myselfí talented WR who thinks that he is Godís gift to the football world. For me and my money, I think there are as talented and much more worthy WRís in this draft than Braylon (Squirrelly) Edwards.  But then again, Iím not 32 NFL teams with an owner and management that see a player work out once, then check his stats and think thatís all there is to drafting a college athlete. He is, and will be, a first round pickÖjust not my type of first round pick. He works when he smells the money.