by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
January 2005
Brodney Pool   FS   Oklahoma

Brodney is a big, powerful, fast safety. He has a lot of potential to be an impact player at the next level. He has good athleticism, some cover skills and he could be an impact special teams player while he learns the pro game.

Needs to Improve

Right now Brodney does everything based on being a very good athlete. He has a lot to learn at the next level.

Talent Board Round  1

Brodney is a size/ speed ratio type of pick in this draft that can help you on special teams as he learns to be a true safety in the NFL. He should be able to make some impact plays in the nickel-dime package and just might have some ability to play CB in the red zone against those big, tall WR’s. Right now, Brodney is considered to be a 1st round pick and I have no problems with that because of his special teams impact potential; however, I think for me, personally, I would pick Donte Nicholson instead. He is further along in his development and should have the same impact on special teams as Brodney. Donte is a little more locked in the hips, so his cover skills might not be as good as Brodney’s, but you know what I say about that -- coach better!