by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
February 2005
Bryant McFadden   CB   Florida St

Bryant is a tall CB with good speed and quickness. He has those nice long arms that help him to defend the pass and long legs with gliding, deceiving speed. Bryant has very good techniques, is a good tackler and is not afraid to stand his ground and blow up the sweep. He is a solid player and looks as if he still has some upside to his game to become a #1 CB for the team that drafts him.


Needs to Improve

Bryant is strong, but a little on the skinny side and seems to have nagging injury problems that he plays with, but that may be holding him back. He needs to add some bulk to take the pounding of the NFL or learn to play with a different style to protect his body. He has to stay on the field.


Talent Board Round  2

Bryant is very close to being a first round pick. He reminds me a lot of Chris Gamble of Ohio St in last years draft, but Bryant is further along with his skills then Chris was. In fact, Bryant is further along with his CB skills at this stage than a lot of CBs in this draft. The biggest concern for me with Bryant is how much better he can get. Is he a #2 CB or a #1 CB? Bryant must make the scouts feel that he can stay on the field and to do that, he must bulk up. Look to the combine for the answer to this. If Bryant goes to the combine and keeps or gains the weight that he had at the Senior Bowl and doesnt lose any speed or quickness, then he could sneak into the first round. At the Senior Bowl, he was up to 191 lbs and his workouts were good. He has made a lot of scouts re-evaluate their profiles on him. Not me -- I know Bryant has 1st round talent and if I needed a CB, I would pick him over a lot of flashy Juniors that are coming out without the techniques needed to be successful in the NFL.