by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
November 2004
CJ Brooks   OT   Maryland

CJ has good size for his position. He has very good feet and athleticism for pulling plays. He looks to me like he likes to pull and trap; it excites him and gets him motivated. I think that CJ has the athleticism to be able to play RT at the next level. I donít usually feel that a guard in college can be moved to a tackle position at the next level, but CJ might be an exception.

Needs to Improve

CJ has to be much quicker and lower out of his stance when dealing with one on one blocking in the running game. He does very well in the passing game, but lacks quickness, strength and the correct one-on-one technique when blocking straight ahead for running plays.

Talent Board Round  4

I have to question CJís mental toughness and the ability to improve beyond the player that he is right now. I also think that CJ will have big problems handling the bigger and quicker DTís at the next level at the guard position. CJ does have the athletic talent to be moved to RT and I think that at the next level, it is the only position where he might be successful. I just do not get the feeling that CJ is going to get much better then he is right now because of the lack of mental toughness to deal with adversity. CJ gets frustrated very easily.  When he starts to get beat, he gives up on his techniques.