by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
November 2004
Calvin Armstrong   OT   Washington St

Calvin is a big as an aircraft carrier. He has quick feet, good lateral movement and those nice long arms that are such a benefit in the NFL, but not when he is trying to find a shirt that fits him. He looks on film to be the type of kid that does his job very well, but in a quiet way. He is a good run blocker as well as being a good pass blocker. I see Calvin becoming an excellent LT in the NFL.

Needs to Improve

Unless there are some off field concerns about this kid, then I don’t get it. He is way too athletic to not be considered as a 1st round pick. Calvin, go get a PR person.

Talent Board Round  2

Calvin is an “I don’t get it” player for me. The only thing I can think of is that Calvin is being overlooked because the coaching schemes on his team are very vanilla, and he is not as far along in his techniques as he should be. The problem is, that excuse is a bunch of garbage and here is why. We all say the reason for taking a player with talent, but lack of technique, is call “upside”. Calvin has tremendous upside. He seems to have a good attitude and gives a full effort on every play. He plays with pride and I’m sure he doesn’t give up very many sacks -- so why is it that he is not thought of as a 1st round pick? I’ll tell you why…TV! It is just as simple as that. His team has not been on TV very much this year (at least not in the North East) and that’s where ESPN is. Calvin has 1st round talent. Yes, he needs some technique work and needs to get stronger and blah, blah, blah. He still is 1st round talent -- believe it! Let’s see what happens the closer we get to the draft.