by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
November 2004
Cedric Benson   RB   Texas

Cedric has as much talent as any running back that has come out in a draft. He is very powerful with good vision. He knows how to set up his blocks and is quick to the line of scrimmage. He is more quick than fast, but because of his power and vision, is able to turn the corner by using good running back techniques. He is smart, breaks tackles and has good instincts. Cedric Benson reminds me of Emmitt Smith.

Needs to Improve

Cedric is a legend in his own mind. He has no respect for his teammates, the fans or his coaches. His off field issues prove this. His ďEddie HaskellĒ routine is not working for me.

Talent Board Round  1

For those of you who donít know who Eddie Haskell is, look up the old ĎLeave it to Beaverí episodes. Eddie was a polite young man who, the minute Beaverís parents left the room, showed his real colors. I guess Cedric doesnít feel that he would get enough attention by just being a good running back in the NFL. Go do a search on this kid and the problems are too numerous to list. It is too bad because he has the talent. I am sure when he has his interviews you are going to hear how all of his problems are behind him. I would agree Ėright behind him and ready to show up as soon as he signs a big contract. He took One Hundred Thousand dollars to play baseball, then decided that he did not want to play and yes, he did keep the money. If Iím an owner, I just donít think I have enough confidence that he wonít do the same in the NFL. For me, Cedric is a top ten talent that I donít even pick as a free agent. Thatís just the crazy profile guy who thinks that all the teams should know better than to give a player with more than one known background problem any contract that has any guaranteed bonus money attached to it. It should be a rule in the NFL for all 32 teams for just the first contract.