by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
December 2004
Cedric Houston   RB   Tennessee

Cedric has very good running back skills. He has good speed, good vision, and sets up his blocks well. He can run hard between the tackles and cuts well with a good burst in the hole. Cedric uses good techniques to turn the corner on a sweep. Cedric is your typical, well-coached RB that has been coming out from this college for the last few years.

Needs to Improve

The lack of consistency from one play to the next is shocking for a kid that has this much talent. He lacks breakaway speed, but that wouldnít be a big issue if he were more consistent.

Talent Board Round  4

It almost seems that if the blocking in front of Cedric is not perfect, or to his standards, that he gives up on the play. He has very good knowledge and ability but seems to get frustrated if things are just not going right. He allows himself to get arm tackled and that could be because his lower body and legs are not strong enough. However, I really think for Cedric it comes down to attitude. He does not get up to speed quickly, but is quick through the hole and has very good lateral movement in the hole. He is confusing. It might be because he thinks too much, but he also doesnít have very good hands out of the backfield and he does not block or pick up blitzes very well. He strikes me as a good kid, but being a good kid is just not going to cut it. Iím not convinced that he can help you on special teams so even though he has excellent RB skills, I donít think he has enough of the other skills needed (combined with his lack of speed) to be an impact player in the NFL. Cedric may be a player that can give you a game or two of 100 yds or more, but I donít think that he is a 16 game RB.