by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
November 2004
Charlie Frye   QB   Akron

Charlie is a big, strong kid with solid QB skills. He moves well in and out of the pocket, but is at his best when he stays in the pocket. Charlie has good leadership skills and is part of a program that is on the way up.

Needs to Improve

To be honest, I donít think that Charlie has the arm strength to be a franchise QB in the NFL. I also think his coach is more interested in his own career rather than Charlieís and this has hurt Charlie.

Talent Board Round  2

Any time you have a coach that is more interested in showing off to scouts so he makes up a game plan thatís not in tune with his QBís strengths, you have a problem. Charlie is a classic drop-back QB. Yes, he can run and yes, heís athletic, but that is not his strength. Charlie is also being compared (because of his size and athleticism) to Roethlisberger from last yearís draft which is also going to hurt him because Charlie has good arm strength, but not outstanding. When Charlie is allowed to just be himself, he is a pretty good QB.  However, Iím not convinced he is the great QB that people are saying he is nor do I think he should be a 1st round pick or even a 1st day pick. Charlie is a developmental QB with good size and good leadership quality that has average to less than average arm strength. Remember, you come to this site because we just donít repeat what everybody else says about a player. We repeat what we see on film and our accuracy speaks for itself.


Update January 2005

I just finished watching the Senior Bowl and Charlie showed much better arm strength then I had seen during the season. As I watched the game the announcers mentioned that Charlie played this season with a broken pinky finger on his throwing hand, of course that would make a big difference. Charlie has moved himself up to a 1st day pick and no doubt a possible late 1st round/ 2nd round pick. He still has a long way to go but the improvement in such a short time is outstanding. As I said earlier when Charlie is allowed to just be himself he is a pretty good QB and now that he is away from his college coach he is stepping up and improving in leaps and bounds. When a player proves me wrong I have no problems eating my words and Charlie is starting to prove that my first evaluation of him was wrong. Believe me I could not be happier.