Chase is the type of WR that is made for the NFL. He is a big, strong, fast WR that has excellent hands and believes that every ball in the air is his and his alone. Chase has first round talent because he knows how to run routes, read defenses and has strong hands to fight for the ball. He can beat you deep with good techniques; he understands zone defenses and how to sit down and make himself an easy target. He is a very acrobatic WR and will give his body up to make a catch. He has the potential to be an impact player at the next level.


Needs to Improve

Chase never met a hospital, nurse or doctor he did not like. Don’t get me wrong…this kid will play hurt, but his injuries so far have been dramatic and have stolen most of his college career from him.


Talent Board Round  5
Chase has first round talent, but will not be drafted until the second day of the draft -- if at all. He is the type of kid that taking a chance in the 5th, 6th or 7th round is worthwhile because of his talent, brains and heart. I caught him this year in the Oregon St game and let me tell you, if he had stayed healthy all year long, we’d all be talking about him as a first or second round pick. Every time he looks like he is going to turn the corner and stay on the field, he gets hurt and not just aches and pain hurt, I mean surgery hurt. He reminds me a lot of Ed McCaffrey, only faster and stronger. He plays with the same smarts and heart. Chase can impact at the next level, but the amount of surgeries he has had makes him a very chancy pick in any round before the 5th.