by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
February 2005
Chauncey Stovall   WR   Florida St

Chauncey is a big, tall, strong, fast WR. He has good hands and runs decent routes. He is quick, but because of his long legs, his speed and quickness are deceiving. Chauncey has excellent overall talent and should become an impact player at the next level. He has the talent to develop into a #1 WR.


Needs to Improve

Chauncey was in a situation with a QB that demanded all the attention and held the team hostage emotionally. It is not easy to be noticed or successful in a situation like that.


Talent Board Round  3

Everyone in a draft always looks for sleepers. Most of the time, they look at small colleges in the quest to be clever and smarter than the rest of us. Me, I look for my sleepers in the big colleges that play all the time on TV and right in front of my eyes. Chauncey is just that type of player. He is a sleeper hiding right in front of your eyes. As you watch the star on the team (or in this case a player who everyone thinks is a star), you miss that player on the other side of the field thatís trying his hardest not to get down and to not cause problems. Now I know you guys in Florida St. land know that Chauncey is a very talented player with excellent speed and very good strength. You might know that at times, he is a bit immature and you even might think that he is a pretty good WR. I have news for all of you. You havenít seen the best of this kid yet. As soon as he gets to the NFL with a good QB and a good WR coach, youíre all going to wonder why he was taken so late in the draft. After the combine and his workouts, he just might push himself into the first day of this draft;  I bet if he had a QB that made quicker and better decisions throwing to him in college, we would be talking about Chauncey going in the 1st round. Now thatís the definition of a sleeper:  a player from a big time school that goes unnoticed. Not a player from a small school that sticks out like a sore thumb.