by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
February 2005
Chris Canty   DE   Virginia

Chris is a tall, lanky lineman with long arms. He has decent quickness and good feet. He is a good college lineman.


Needs to Improve

Chris is immature off and on the field. He is too slow for a DE and not strong enough or big enough for DT. He is a tweener.


Talent Board Round  3

Iím not going to spend a lot of time on this profile because, in my opinion, Chris is a tweener and doesnít work hard enough for me to put a lot of effort into profiling him. If he worked hard, Chris could be a pretty good DE in a 3/4 defense. If he bulked up, he might be a pretty good 1-gap DT.  However, I have no confidence that this kid wants to be a good player. I do believe he wants to make the money that a good player makes, but that will not make him a good player. Before Chris was injured, he was a much better athlete than the players he played against, so most people thought he was a pretty good football player. He was not! If Iím an NFL owner, I let someone else pick Chris and I would look for a more deserving player to have on my team. Chris has plenty of talent, but Iím not convinced through his play on the field that he has the work ethic for the next level.