by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
November 2004
Chris Colmer   OT   North Carolina St

Chris has excellent size for his position. He has nice long arms and good balance. He is smart and has good feet. Chris has very good technique in pass protection and does a good job blocking for the run. He is a good teammate and plays with pride.

Needs to Improve

Chris might have to be moved to the right side in the NFL. It is debatable. If he can improve his lateral movement and strength, he should be able to stay at LT.

Talent Board Round  2

Chris is a really good player and the team that drafts him will get a very good O-lineman. The deciding factor for me (for him to play LT or a RT) is his attitude. On film, he seems to be a little easy going in his play. I like my LT to be a little more of a leader and play with a little chip on his shoulder. In watching the film, it is hard for me to see that in Chrisí play. He can be an excellent LT because he looks to me like he has the athletic ability, but the decision will have to be made when you interview him. This will cause Chrisí draft rating to fluctuate depending on what teams think about him and where they project him to play. This is a player that could go as high as the 1st round or as low as the 4th round. I think wherever he is taken, he will be worth the pick because he is a sound player that should play football for a long time.