by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
February 2005
Chris Kemoeatu   OG   Utah

Chris has very good athleticism for his position. He is a good pass blocker and because they use a spread offense, he is a pretty good one-on-one blocker in the running game. He has good feet and stays with his blocks until the whistle blows. Chris has good balance and you donít see him lunging for his blocks. He has excellent mental toughness and should be able to help a team right away at the RG position.


Needs to Improve

Chris does play a little high when pass and run blocking.  Although this is not a problem at the college level, it will be at the pro level. He also has a bit of a temper and you can get into his head very easily, which may cause him to make a lot of mental mistakes and penalties.


Talent Board Round  2

If it werenít for Chrisís temper, he would be considered one of the best guards in this draft. It just so happens that this draft is full of very good tackles that will have to be moved to guard at the next level and Chris is getting swallowed up in the wash. Add that to the temper issue and you have a player that will be downgraded. I think he will still get picked on the first day, but I have seen weirder things happen in a draft.  Chris will have some anger management issues; however, itís also what makes him a pretty good player. As he matures, he will get better and I have no doubt he will become a core player for the team that drafts him.  (I said that because I donít want him to get mad at me and find out where I live!)