by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
March 2005
Chris McKenzie   CB   Arizona St

Chris might be the fastest player in this draft. He is an excellent man-on-man CB and is a wrap up, head up, squeeze and drive tackler. He has good strength and plays bigger than his size. He has excellent CB skills and the only way a WR gets behind him is if he knocks Chris out cold on the field. He is very smart, plays zone defense and will intercept the ball if you throw in his area. Chris has good mental toughness and plays the cornerback position like a black widow looking for another husband to marry. He has first round talent and reminds me a lot of Darrell Green.


Needs to Improve

Chris is the definition of a sleeper. He is hiding in plain sight.


Talent Board Round  2
Without a doubt, Chris is the first player I’ve ever seen that I would compare to Darrell Green. He doesn’t play special teams, but something tells me he will very quickly and you will never forget it. He is faster, a better cover corner, a better tackler and about the same height and weight as Pac Man Jones. He will sacrifice his body for the play and I just bet he will play hurt and you’ll never know it. Due to his height and the amount of CB’s in this draft, I bet he will be picked sometime in the first day; however, I believe that in any other draft, he is a first round pick. You know me -- I would take him in the first round. Remember my saying, “You can’t catch speed.”  This kid has more speed and is as quick as the quickest in this draft. Oh, don’t worry about Chris against bigger WR’s.  He has handled the biggest and the fastest and has done very well against them. He will become a core player, a fan favorite and a Pro Bowl player…I have no doubt about this. Sometimes no matter how much you talk about sleepers, they have a hard time rising in the draft, so look for him sometime on the first day.