by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
March 2005
Chris Myers   OG   Miami

Chris has good size and strength for his position. He uses good techniques when pass blocking and run blocking. He shows leadership qualities and makes the players around him better. Chris will help the team that drafts him very quickly.

Needs to Improve

Chris has to be a little more consistent in his techniques when protecting the passer. He tends to get a little sloppy in his 1st lateral step. Sometimes his step is too long and it makes him easy prey for underneath moves in the pros. He also needs to move his feet quicker in blocking for both the run and the pass.

Talent Board Round  3

This kid is going to be a good player. He has good athletic talent and just needs to work on his discipline. I think Chris will be able to play either guard position or RT in the NFL. If he can improve his discipline and move his feet faster, he could become a pretty good LT also. This draft has a lot of OTís that are going to have to be moved to inside positions, but Chris is not one of them. He is a pure tackle and maybe a left tackle. Chris is another player that is able to play more than one position and that, ladies, is a very valuable player to have on your team. Chris has 1st day talent that might drop to the second day in this draft because of all the good O-lineman in this draft.