by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
December 2004
Chris Rix   QB   Florida St

Chris has excellent athletic talent for his position. He has a strong arm and moves well in the pocket. He can throw on the move, but is really a pocket passer. He shows some mental toughness to take a hit and has a very quick 3 step and 5 step drop and set. Chris has a lot of physical talent to play his position.

Needs to Improve

Chris should quit football and go to Hollywood and become an actor.

Talent Board Round  4

There is no doubt that Chris has the physical ability to play at the next level, but it takes more than that. He is not a leader because his teammates do not respect him. He makes bad decisions on and off the field because he lacks character and does not work hard enough. He is a tease and will continue to tease. Anybody who is gullible enough to think that if you just give him one more chance without him proving that he should get one more chance is fooling himself or herself. Chris is a smart kid and fooling people has become his occupation. That is why he should quit football and go to Hollywood and become an actor. Chris has all the mental abilities to be a stand out, Pro Bowl soap opera actor! Chris (Hollywood) Rix acts like a pretty good QB, but if you hit the remote you should see him every Monday thru Friday at 1:00 pm starring in Days of Our Lives!