by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
February 2005

Chris Spencer   OC   Mississippi

Chris is a very young, but talented, center. He has good mental toughness and is a smart kid with excellent potential. He handles the center position very well right now because he has good athleticism. He is quick off the snap and has good balance when he keeps his concentration. He is good at picking up and helping out with stunts and can get to the next level quickly enough to handle his assigned blocks on LBís. Chris has the type of frame that can handle about 15 more pounds of muscle.


Needs to Improve

Chris has really just started to learn the center position. He still needs a lot of technique work for the pro level and although he is a good college center, he has to get stronger in his upper and lower body and is a good year to a year and half away from starting. But with a center as talented as Chris, the reality is that he may start sooner.


Talent Board Round  1

To be honest, Chrisí negatives are really nothing. He looks like he will work hard and improve quickly, which is why you could very well see him on the field quicker than expected -- especially if he is drafted by a team that has a mobile QB. He will have trouble for a while handling a player right on his nose, but he strikes me as having pride in his play and it wonít be long before he is able to handle that aspect of his game also. The biggest weakness in his game is his lack of upper and lower body strength. It will leave him susceptible to injury if he is put on the field too quickly. The team that drafts him should allow Chris time to build up his strength or you may not see him on the field very often. The lack of overall body strength will lead to nagging injuries that will affect his play and lead to possible career threatening back injuries. Chris will be drafted sooner than he really should be. The main reason for this is that the center position overall in the NFL has been lacking real true talent for the last ten years.