by Drew Boylhart
SR Staff Writer
February 2005
Claude Terrell   OG   New Mexico

Claude has played a lot of tackle for his team, but at the next level, he is a guard. He has excellent strength and gives good effort when he plays. He should be a powerful guard in the run game as long as there is a player in front of him.


Needs to Improve

Claude has a weight problem and will continue to have a weight problem, which affects his ability to be successful at the next level. If he carries this weight into a pro training camp, he runs the risk of being cut. Claude will be an excellent Santa Claus. I see a fabulous future for him in this area.


Talent Board Round  3

The other day somebody called me Simon, you know the guy on American Idol that tells people who try to sing that they canít and they should not quit their day job. I guess I was supposed to be insulted, but I just tell you what I see on the film with no preconceived opinions of a player. Claude is too fat to play at the next level and to be honest, I canít tell if he has enough talent to make it at the next level. I feel that if people are telling Claude things that are not true then they are being cruel to him and that is worse. Claude, you are too fat! You canít even get down in your stance correctly. Lose at least 30 lbs so that you have a fighting chance to compete at the next level. Stop fooling yourself and stop believing the people around you that are telling you that you are playing up to your abilities. Itís just not fair to you.